Thank you to my blog guest Jack Ar who provided this post.

-Russia talks about elections in Syria while Russians themselves don’t have fair elections.
– Saudi Arabia and Qatar are talking about democracy in Syria and they don’t have basic elements of democracy in their own kingdoms.
– Turkey is talking about protecting Syrian civilians from Assad regime. simultaneously, Turkey is slaughtering and massacring Kurds in south east of Turkey.
– America is too busy with the next presidential elections and it can’t deal with the mess it created in the middle east. They gave millions in cash and weapons to some factions in Syria and these weapons ended up in ISIS hands.
– Iran, Lebanese Hezbullah and Iraqi militants don’t give a damn about all the above mentioned ones. They keep sending their fighters to Syria to support Assad regime.
– Kurds are very busy now consolidating the territory they control in Northern Syria and are heading towards self-rule. They are fighting on both the political and military fronts.
– Syrian Civilians are the only losers of this political bargain.